Pré-Conferência no SQLRally Amsterdã–PowerShell e SQL Server

Pois é pessoal, to muito feliz e honrado pelo convite do grande amigo Andre Kamman para fazer uma pre-conference no SQLRally Amsterdã em outubro.

O SQLRally é uma conferencia intermediária entre o SQLSaturday e o SQLPASS Summit, tendo 3 dias de conferencia com os melhores profissionais do mundo e eu vou ter o prazer de apresentar uma pre-conferencia de 8 horas no dia 2. As pre-conferencias são mini cursos que são feitas antes do evento propriamente dito, pois são pagas.

É uma oportunidade verdadeiramente unica podem ter certeza  Alegre. Será muito bom rever os amigos #sqlfamily da Europa e principalmente estar novamente nessa cidade linda e com gente tão amigável que é Amsterdã.

Minha pre-con sera :

Mastering PowerShell for SQL Server

Some people say magic, others say supernatural. I’d prefer to say top technology. That’s what PowerShell is today for the Microsoft stack. An Advanced technology built into the top of the operability of windows based operating systems , which allow us to a complete automation platform based, or not, on scripts. But what’s its relationship with SQL Server ? What can I really run , automate and manage in the SQL Server using PowerShell ?
If you are looking for those answers, this course is for you .
It will be split into 2 parts : The first with basic / intermediate fundamentals of programming in PowerShell , as using variables, what are hashtables , custom tables , custom objects , script modules , functions , advanced functions and their attributes and many other concepts .
In the second part , we will see the host of PowerShell in SQL Server ( SQLPS ) , what is SMO, how to use it and how to create your framework to SQL Server using the concepts we’ve seen .
Prepare yourself for a full day of deep PowerShell coding, concepts , fundamentals and lot, but a lot of magic.


About Laerte Junior

Laerte Junior Laerte Junior is a SQL Server specialist and an active member of WW SQL Server and the Windows PowerShell community. He also is a huge Star Wars fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader´s Helmet with the voice changer). He has a passion for DC comics and living the simple life. "May The Force be with all of us"
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