Some reasons to Darth Vader being a badass….

1 – Interview with the new System Administrator :

What? what you mean “I prefer next, next, finish”


2 – After a nice vacation at Korriban (homeworld of Sith), Vader returns to Death Star and get the reports of the SQL Server servers :

Emperor :

“Vader, our new DBA wrote a cool backup process..humm..mmmm..on each server”


3 – No Comments

“I agree, you never will spend, again, half of the morning checking jobs that failed. Apology accepted”


4 – Checking the time frame of the Death Star employees

“WTF ? Is it true that you spent 1 hour manually repeating the same process on each server ?”



Dont be a “next, next, finish IT Professional”. Use the Force, or as it is known in the Galaxy, PowerShell 🙂

About Laerte Junior

Laerte Junior Laerte Junior is a SQL Server specialist and an active member of WW SQL Server and the Windows PowerShell community. He also is a huge Star Wars fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader´s Helmet with the voice changer). He has a passion for DC comics and living the simple life. "May The Force be with all of us"
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