It’s just a matter of respect – at least thank your references.

I am doing this post and to be honest I guess that I dont need to write a blog post about this subject , since in my idea  we are professional and at least we have commom sense.

I am seeing lately an increase in the number of blog posts copied and pasted(that´s Including my local community – PowerShell or SQL Server). Sometimes some words are changed , but the main core you can “fell” that was copied.

I, and I am speaking only for me, I dont mind  if someone copy my content.One way or another it is some kind of respect about me and my work. If someone had the hard work to copy and paste my content, read it , and change the words to not looks like copied, at least some respect for me that person have.

But a LOT of other #sql and #powershell friends does not think like me, and they are completely rigth.  If you have a blog and it is active, lets see some points :

– You need to know about what you are blogging .That´s implies to study a LOT and in many many times miss your time with your family, friends and having fun.

– We are bloggers but also we are workers. can think “I see that dumbass all the time in the twitter or facebook. He lives for blogging” Well, sorry to say that, but all the people that I know and are active bloggers are also excellent professionals and work for some company (can be their companys, but are companys). That means that they have to work at least 6/8 hours per day and then, only then , they will study and blogging.

– We do that at least because we love to share and learn. Nobody wants to be better than another. There are spots for everybody and every content.

– We are providing to you free information and in many times we give to you our personal emails and you can contact us directely to share ideas. It means more time after the regular time to our daily job.

– To finish, be a good guy does not mean we are stupid. We know when someone wants to take adavantage of our “good will”, and if we didnt say that it is not because we are stupid nerds. It is because , at least in my case and I am speaking again only for me, I still believe in the soul of the people. When I no longer believe in people, It is because I do not believe in myself anymore. Oh… then actually I have to stop.

Dont be a jerk. Be a good guy. You can Impress other people not only for your knowledge but also for your humility. Thank your references in your posts.

Or at least mention them. I am not speaking for me. As I said, I dont mind. But my friends yes..they mind about that. And as we are a family, #sqlfamily, we care about each other

Again…dont be a jerk.It’s just a matter of respect – at least thank your references.

If you dont have respect for other people, these other people will not have for you. Simple Newton system..action/reaction.


About Laerte Junior

Laerte Junior Laerte Junior is a SQL Server specialist and an active member of WW SQL Server and the Windows PowerShell community. He also is a huge Star Wars fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader´s Helmet with the voice changer). He has a passion for DC comics and living the simple life. "May The Force be with all of us"
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4 Responses to It’s just a matter of respect – at least thank your references.

  1. Renato says:

    Certa vez conversei com um amigo sobre isso, e chegamos a uma conclusão comum, é irritante ser copiado, independente se o copiador referencia o autor original da ideia ou não. O real autor tem o trabalho de estudar, revisar, postar e compartilhar conhecimento, enquanto um colega de profissão zumbi só se dá o trabalho de copiar e colar. Isso é ruim pois, o leitor que viu o conteúdo copiado dificilmente visitará o original (mesmo se postarem o link, o que é raro) e perderá uma oportunidade potencial de conhecer conteúdo original e criativo. Acho que a internet já tem coisa demais e zumbis “indexadores” são totalmente desnecessários. Replicar conteúdo até pode compartilhar conhecimento, mas, é totalmente anti-ético/mal educado e contraria a ideia de comunidade totalmente (bem melhor eu compartilhar o link de um colega do que postar o trabalho dele no meu, não é mesmo)?

    • Concordo contigo. Como eu disse, pra mim não me importa muito, mas pensando neste lado que no post original você pode debater o texto com o autor e no copiado provavelmente o cara não vai ter esse conhecimento, é realmente frustante.
      Mas é for pra copiar, pelo menos coloca o nome como referencia né kakaka. Poxa

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