SQLBITS XI Voting is now open. Please vote for me and my friends guys…

Hey, the SQLBITS XI Voting is now open. Again, I DO need your help (AGAIN)  my friends to share a bit more about PowerShell.

I submitted 4 sessions, 3 regular sessions and a Lightning Talk (the same that I presented at PASS Summit 2012) .

It is just go to the SQLBITS Site, filter by ALL, Sort By NONE and Search PowerShell.




You will see also sessions from  my good friends and PowerShellers  and my  sessions are in the list as well. If you can, vote for me and my friends. Then you can clear the filter and  keep voting in the AWESOME other tracks too.

There are a LOT of very good content in the PowerShell  sessions this time .

My Sessions :

The PoSh DBA: Grown-Up PowerShell Functions

DEV – 300

There comes a time after you’ve got used to using PowerShell to automate your DBA chores that you look at all those PowerShell functions you’ve written, and feel slightly dissatisfied. You realize, although everything works, you could, be using PowerShell in way that is more easily enhanced, reused and maintained. With some fairly simple techniques, our PowerShell functions can become more reusable. They can be made to behave much more like the built-in cmdlets that are provided with PowerShell.
You will, for example, want your functions to participate in pipelines, so that you can use filters, sort the order, group objects, write out the data and take advantage of other useful PowerShell facilities. You’d probably benefit from other features of cmdlets such as standard parameters, debug, ‘whatIf’, and command-line Help. This session will be explaining how these features can help with scripting.

The PoSh DBA: Solutions using PowerShell and SQL Server

DBA –300

When you read about using PowerShell and SQL Server, you are usually learning about the way that you use PowerShell to access SQL Server. Sometimes, instead, you’ll want to use PowerShell directly from SQL Server to create solutions. You may want to do it from TSQL, getting data back in a form that can then be inserted into a table, or execute it on the server from SSMS. You might want to run PowerShell scripts from the SQL Server Agent, or to set up sophisticated SQL Server Alerts using WMI that then execute jobs that are written in PowerShell. I’ll be showing you how to do all this.

The Posh DBA: Troubleshooting SQL Server with PowerShell

DBA – 300

It is normal for us to have to face poorly performing queries or even complete failure in our SQL server environments. This can happen for a variety of reasons including poor Database Designs, hardware failure, improperly-configured systems and OS Updates applied without testing. As Database Administrators, we need to take precaution to minimize the impact of these problems when they occur, and so we need the tools and methodology required to identify and solve issues quickly. In this Session we will use PowerShell to explore some common troubleshooting techniques used in our day-to-day work as s DBA. This will include a variety of such activities including Gathering Performance Counters in several servers at the same time using background jobs, identifying Blocked Sessions and Reading & filtering the SQL Error Log even if the Instance is offline. The approach will be using some advanced PowerShell techniques that allow us to scale the code for multiple servers and run the data collection in asynchronous mode.

T-SQL Health Check to Excel in Email in 10 Minutes with PowerShell

Lightning Talk – 400

You need an automated, flexible, and fast solution to run T-SQL Health scripts in several customer databases, or even just for yourself. Then you want to use a program like Excel to analyze the output and present it in a user-friendly way. But what if your customer doesn’t have Excel installed or the culture is a problem? This talk presents a complete solution, from gathering the information to getting the output zipped in your email, in 10 minutes .

Thanks guys Alegre

About Laerte Junior

Laerte Junior Laerte Junior is a SQL Server specialist and an active member of WW SQL Server and the Windows PowerShell community. He also is a huge Star Wars fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader´s Helmet with the voice changer). He has a passion for DC comics and living the simple life. "May The Force be with all of us"
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