Comparing and Scripting SQL Server Database Objects using PowerShell and SQLPSX

Today I had to compare two databases on different servers, looking for views on the server1 and not were  in a server2.

I used the compare-object cmdlet :

$Source = Get-SqlDatabase -sqlserver ServerSource -dbname DB1 | Get-SqlView 

$Dest = Get-SqlDatabase -sqlserver ServerDest -dbname DB2 | Get-SqlView


$DiffViews = Compare-Object -DifferenceObject $dest `

                            -ReferenceObject $Source `

                            -Property Name | ?{$_.SideIndicator -eq '<='} | % {$_.Name}


$scriptingOptions = New-SqlScriptingOptions

$scriptingOptions.Permissions = $true

$scriptingOptions.IncludeIfNotExists = $true

get-sqldatabase -sqlserver ServerSource-dbname DB2| Get-SqlView | ?{$DiffViews -contains $} | Get-SqlScripter -scriptingOptions $scriptingOptions | Out-File c:\temp\DiffViews.sql


Then, was just use Get-SqlScripter to Script the difference and out to c:\temp\DiffViews.sql

Thanks to Sir Chad Miller to help me in the final script Alegre

Simple, Fast and Clean. Classic PowerShell


About Laerte Junior

Laerte Junior Laerte Junior is a SQL Server specialist and an active member of WW SQL Server and the Windows PowerShell community. He also is a huge Star Wars fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader´s Helmet with the voice changer). He has a passion for DC comics and living the simple life. "May The Force be with all of us"
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