PowerShell and WMI Server Events (SQL Server)–Who is running DBCC commands on my servers ?

This morning, in the early hours of the day, we had some kind of weird happenings in our SAP environment.

The system showed a massive slowdown, and the BASIS asked our help to find the problem. We have seen that several DBCC CHECKDB command, DBCC TRACEON were running at the same time, something like a 30 dbcc checkdbs

We Killed the sessions and after a few minutes they came back again. Well, we needed to know where these commands were coming, any SAP service or not.

From my machine, in the cluster, I just used ONE PowerShell Line

Register-WMIEvent  -ComputerName RemoteServer `

                   -Namespace 'root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ServerEvents\MSSQLSERVER' `

                   -Query "select * from AUDIT_DBCC_EVENT" `

                   -Action { Send-MailMessage  -SmtpServer -From 'SQLExecutive@contoso.com.br' -To 'grpDBA@contoso.com.br' `

                                               -Subject 'Auditoria Comandos DBCC Servidor SQLECC' `

                                               -Body "ApplicationName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.ApplicationName) `n

                                                       ServerName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.ServerName)`n 

                                                       Database ID : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.Databaseid) 

                                                       Database Name : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.DatabaseName ) 

                                                       DBUserName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.DBUserName ) 

                                                       HostName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.HostName) 

                                                       LoginName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.LoginName) 

                                                       NTDomainName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.NTDomainName) 

                                                       NTUserName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.NTUserName) 

                                                       SPID : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.spid)`n

                                                       SessionLoginName : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.SessionLoginName)`n 

                                                       Start Time : $([Management.ManagementDateTimeConverter]::ToDateTime($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.StartTime))`n 

                                                       TextData : $($event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent.TextData)"



Just register the event in the AUDIT_DBCC_EVENT Class and be happy.!!!

ha..after that, we need to be notified on dbcc traceon only…, juts change the query to :

"select * from AUDIT_DBCC_EVENT where textdata like '%Traceon%'"

 Simple, Faster and Clean !!!! Classic PowerShell !!!

#PowerShellLifestyle !!!

About Laerte Junior

Laerte Junior Laerte Junior is a SQL Server specialist and an active member of WW SQL Server and the Windows PowerShell community. He also is a huge Star Wars fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader´s Helmet with the voice changer). He has a passion for DC comics and living the simple life. "May The Force be with all of us"
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